New This Week - January 12th

By Mouser |

This week we’ll cover Littelfuse high temperature varistors, Maxim’s Pocket IO PLC development platform, and Murata UMAL Thin Laminate Energy Devices.

Littelfuse HMOV Varistor Series

Littelfuse HMOV varistors are the highest performing high temperature radial leaded varistors available.  HMOV series use a silicone coating technology that permits operation up to 125°C without performance degradation while providing 2500 V isolation and 10,000 amp surge withstand capability.  The high operating temperature saves the cost and design space required for potting and heatsinks required by traditional varistors.  Varistors are available in disc sizes of 10, 14, and 22 mm and have a very wide operating voltage.  Littelfuse HMOV varistors are also compliant with 1000 cycle thermal shock cycling testing, making them ideal for use in outdoor and industrial applications, including solar power inverters, LED lighting, security systems, power supplies, and automation control.

Maxim MAXREFDES150 Pocket IO PLC Development Platform

Maxim’s Pocket IO PLC Development Platform provides extensive IO options in a pocket-sized form factor.  Pocket IO highlights Maxim’s analog capabilities and the thermal and performance benefits of analog integration.  The board is designed for PLC development in factory and process automation, building automation, robotic control, and rapidly prototyping industrial control systems.  It includes multiple digital and isolated analog IOs, three motor controllers, two Profibus-capable RS-485 ports, and four IO-Link ports.  Pocket IO supports USB and Wi-Fi networks, and uses an Intel Edison compute module, which can be programmed using the Arduino IDE.

Murata UMAL Thin Laminate Energy Device

Murata UMAL Thin Laminate Energy Devices are high capacity energy storage devices for wireless sensor nodes, wearables, and battery backup.  The UMAL is a low-profile energy device designed to replace super capacitors or batteries, with a 12 mAh capacity and support for continuous discharge rates up to 120 mA. UMAL has very low internal resistance and low self-discharge for efficient energy use and a flat voltage characteristic that allows it to be used immediately after charging begins without causing the output to droop.  UMAL also features a recovery rate of 90% or greater after 5000 cycles, making it ideal for energy harvesting applications or other devices which are repeatedly charged and discharged.

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