New This Week - January 26

By Mouser |

This week we’ll cover Intel 3D NAND SSDs, Maxim DeepCover Secure Authenticators, and ST Micro’s SensorTile Development Kit.

Intel 600p Series SSDs
Intel’s 600p series M.2 SSDs deliver significant performance and power savings with Intel quality and reliability.  Intel 600p series SSDs use the PCIe Gen3 x4, NVMe interface to provide sequential reads up to three times better than SATA SSDs.  They are built using Intel’s 3D NAND, which enables this level of performance at economical price points.  600p series SSDs  include 256-bit self-encryption for data security and are available in capacities up to 1 TB, all using a single-sided 80 mm M.2 form factor to give designers complete flexibility in system design.  Power consumption is 90% less than traditional hard drives, and power consumption can be reduced another order of magnitude when paired with a 6th gen Intel core processor. 
Maxim DS28C36 DeepCover Secure Authenticator
Maxim’s DS28C36 DeepCover Secure Authenticators integrate multiple cryptographic tools in a tiny package.  The DS28C36 includes asymmetric and symmetric crypto engines, a true random number generator, secured EEPROM, and a unique 64-bit ROM ID. Asymmetric public and private keys and symmetric secret key capabilities are compliant with relevant FIPS standards, and two GPIO pins can be controlled to support functions including Secure Boot.   The Maxim DC28C36 DeepCover secure authenticators are designed with countermeasures to protect against device-level attacks, and are designed for accessory or peripheral authentication, IoT node protection, secure boot, secure firmware download, and storage of crypto keys for a host controller. 
STM STEVAL-STLKT01V1 SensorTile Development Kit
STM’s SensorTile Development Kit includes the SensorTile board and sensors for prototyping connected sensor nodes.  The SensorTile is a compact board that can be used as a reference design and prototyping platform to rapidly develop innovative IoT devices.  The SensorTile is based on an STM ARM Cortex-M4 and the BlueNRG smart network processor providing BLE connectivity, with a 3D accelerometer,  gyroscope, and magnetometer, pressure sensor, and digital microphone on the board.  The kit includes the cradle and expansion cradle boards with additional sensors and functionality and headers that are compatible with STM32 Nucleo and Arduino UNO R3 boards. 

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