Component Moment - EDAC 560 & 572 Series

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The 560 and 572 series of E-seal waterproof connectors, from EDAC, utilize a double-latch waterproof solution and silicon rubber seals making them waterproof grade IP67 certified.

Both series are available in either wire-to-wire or wire-to-board options and are also available with preinstalled wires. The 560 series has a pitch of 2.5mm, a voltage rating of 250 volts and a maximum current rating of 3-amps. In contrast, the 572 series has a 5.8mm pitch, a 300-volt maximum voltage rating and a 10-amp current rating.

Ideal applications for either series include Agriculture, Street Lighting, Vending machines, Control panels, Refrigeration displays, LED Signs, Process Controls, Automotive, and Ruggedized Outdoor Applications.

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