PI Expert Suite v10.0 is Now Available

PI Expert Suite v10.0 simplifies the design of off-line power supplies and DC-DC converters based on PI products.


  • PI Expert: an automated, graphical user interface (GUI) driven program that takes power supply specifications and automatically generates a power conversion solution designed around one of Power Integrations' IC families.
  • PI Xls Designer: PI Xls Designer is a spreadsheet based application that gives the power supply designer more control during the design process.
  • PI Viewer: a method for viewing design files created with older versions of PI Expert.

New Features in PI Expert v10.0

  • Support for InnoSwitch3-CE/EP product families and their 'Feature Codes'
  • New Design Wizard incorporating a Product Portfolio feature (replaces Product Selector Guide)
  • Improvements in performance and stability

New Features in PI XLs Designer v10.0

  • Starting with InnoSwitch3:
    • Estimates of real losses and efficiency of designs
    • Support for synchronous output rectification
  • Support for InnoSwitch3-CP with up to 9 output voltage set-points and improved quick-check feature for USB-PD applications
  • Support for LYTSwitch-1 (Buck-Boost topology)
  • Improvements in PI Xls spreadsheets:
    • InnoSwitch-CH, InnoSwitch-CE, InnoSwitch-CP, InnoSwitch-EP and InnoSwitch-EP900V (Flyback topology)
    • LYTSwitch-5 (Buck topology)
    • LYTSwitch-7 (Buck topology)

Sources: Power Integrations

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