A Fully Autonomous 3D Printed Bus

Nowadays, an autonomous device or vehicle is already available however a fully autonomous vehicle with capability close to human being is now featured by IBM and Local Motors “Olli” in which it will now transform the daily commute of people into a system that will assist people not limited to a robotic autonomous system. Olli is self-driving, adaptable, efficient, fully autonomous, and a 3D printed vehicle. What is the system used in Minibus Olli's that makes it different from a regular autonomous vehicle?

Olli uses a Cognitive Platform Watson of IBM to speak in a natural language.

Olli Cognitive Platform Watson
Olli Cognitive Platform Watson

A cognitive technology is somewhat closer to the idea of the existing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Based on the usual expectation of an AI or Artificial Intelligence compared to an existing AI, an AI is based on machine learning in which it takes action based on its analysis of data, while a cognitive technology or simply a cognitive system is based on deep learning that takes action based on layers of information where one layer becomes the input for the next layer which is way closer to humans in solving problems by thinking, reasoning, and remembering. “Olli” is able to communicate, assist, and secure human being with its special features like weather sensing.

IBM Watson - Olli
Bloomberg - 3D Printed Self Driving Minibus
IQ Intel

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