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Which among the 5 types of touchscreen technology is best suited for outdoor industrial applications that have a dusty environment? A) Resistive Touch TechnologyB) Surface Capacitive TechnologyC) Projected Capacitive TechnologyD)...
When connected to a Q-meter, an inductor is made to resonate at 400 kHz. The Q-factor of the circuit is found to be 100 and the capacitance of the Q-meter...
How do you calculate PCB trace capacitance, so that you can use it or avoid it?
How do touch screens work?
Can you create a circuit that behaves like a resistor with a couple switches and a capacitor?
How long will it take, after the switch is closed, for the capacitor to charge to 80% of the battery voltage? The initial voltage on the capacitor is 0V.
Find the current I and the voltage V in the circuit above?
What is the capacitance value required to achieve a power factor of 1.0?
How do you model an oscilloscope probe?
You have a 1 MHz sinusoidal voltage signal driven into a 5uF capacitor. You are measuring both the voltage and the current with an oscilloscope. What is the phase of...