Ben Salem

Benjamin SALEM (b. 1969) has a mixed background; he received a Diploma of Architecture, Dip. Arch. (1992) and a Master, M.Arch. (1993). He then pursued post-graduate education in Electronics with a doctorate Ph.D. (2003) on hand gesture analysis. He has been involved during his career into various projects dealing with hardware platforms (robots, interaction devices, sensors…) and the development of novel applications (VR in Art & Design, Virtual Theatre, Smart and Responsive Environments, Kansei Entertainment…).His current interests are: Homogeneous Modular Robots, User Experience, , Tangible User Interfaces. He is author and co-author of numerous publications and had involvement with both academic research projects and industrial projects. He has worked in England, The Netherlands and Japan. Currently he is a senior lecturer in Interaction & Industrial Design at the University of Northumbria.The website is about his career and interests. Including past presentations, publications. There is also a section dedicated to his research projects as well as his teaching.

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